Terms & Conditions


  • The copyright of all images shot by Three Ps Photography, their assignees and contractors will be retained by James Lunan and Three Ps Photography for the purpose of marketing and promotional material.
  • A session booking will only be secured with a 20% non-refundable deposit.
  • Payment for the services of Three Ps Photography is required prior to the photography session or project.
  • A 1.5% surcharge applies to credit card payment.
  • Three Ps Photography will not accept responsibility for any situation that may cause them to cancel a session at late notice.
  • If Three Ps Photography is forced to cancel a session we will endeavour to reschedule a suitable time as quickly as possible.
  • Refund of session fees for cancellations of a session booking by the client within 24 hours of the session will be at the discretion of Three Ps Photography.
  • Re-scheduling of a session from a client cancellation will be at the discretion of Three Ps Photography.
  • By commissioning and paying for the photography services of Three Ps Photography and the assignees or contractors and a contract is not signed, it will be considered that you have read, accept and agree to our terms and conditions of trade.

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  • A 20% non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure your booking and receipt of your signed booking form.
  • The final balance of the invoice is due 1 week prior to the day of the wedding.
  • Any alteration of this requirement must be agreed to and signed off by both the client and Three Ps Photography.
  • We will provide professional print options for your photograph printing requirements.
  • No responsibility is accepted for any errors caused due to using an inferior printing service.
  • No responsibility is accepted for restrictions placed on us by wedding officials (including, but not restricted to position of cameras). Please ensure they are aware of the photographer(s.)
  • No responsibility is accepted for obstruction of view imposed as a result of others using phones, cameras of other devices during the event.
  • Unlimited free travel from 50km radius from the Ceremony Venue will be included. Any further travel will incur an agreed amount to be paid by the client.
  • Where possible the client will provide the photographer(s) from with meal(s) where a package is 6 hours or longer and includes coverage of the reception, is booked. Where it is not possible to arrange for meals the client must inform Three Ps Photography at least 1 week before the date of the wedding, allowing adequate time for an alternative arrangement to be made.
  • If an alternative location is required by the couple, they will be responsible for all fees due and permits required for the location.
  • If for any reason beyond our control we cannot produce your wedding photographs we will refund you in full and that will be the limit of our liability. This includes adverse weather conditions.
  • Discs will be replaced free of charge if notification of a fault is received within 7 days receipt of disc. After this, replacement discs will be charged at $35.00 per copy.
  • No raw files will be made available.
  • The photographer or their assignees may use the photographs and any other reproductions or adaptations in conjunction with any wording and/or drawings for all uses including publicity and/or merchandising and/or editorial purposes.
  • Your finished low resolution wedding images (subject to changes) will be ready within 4 weeks after the event.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • If for any reason Three Ps Photography is delayed in supplying wedding images the client will be notified and provide with a planned date.