Sydney Studio Photography Fundamental Workshop

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work and shoot in a studio, with real models, a creative team am and a theme that has been developed for the shoot. This is your opportunity to become the studio photographer and take control the shoot.

Hannah B&W 20140412- 17I will be your production assistant during the workshop, helping you from start to finish as you learn about life in studio. Over 5 hours we’ll go through studio lighting setups and techniques as you develop and and hone your portrait photography skills. We’ll start with the theme, then go through the planning phase, the mood board, wardrobe and hair and make up. We’ll then look at different lights and modifiers and see how they affect the look and mood of a shoot.

You’ll be capturing images while tethered to your computer and I’ll show you how to set up Lightroom 5 for tethered capture. You’ll pose the models, develop the look from your posing guides and finishing the workshop with some great images. At the completion of your studio shoot, we’ll go through the paperwork and the signing of model releases. The models and HMUA that you will be working with are experienced, making your task as the photographer a little easier and Alicia Mod 7 April 2013- 164-1allowing you to focus on the task of learn the shot. You will receive a workshop booklet to help you recall what we have learned during the workshop that will flow on from the previous workshop booklets.

The Studio Photography Fundamentals workshop is part of the Three Ps portrait photography stream with “Finding the Light” and “Lighting and Posing” workshops. The portrait stream of workshops is designed to help photographers develop their confidence in a range of environments and understand by operating a range of different equipment.

The workshop size is limited to 5 people to ensure personal attention and costs $275.00 which including HMUA, models and studio fees.