Lightroom Basic- My Portrait Photography Workflow

LR LOGOLightroom is an important part of my process. From the start of a project I will think about how the images will look and post processing is a major part of the process. ​During this workshop I will share how I use Lightroom and share some of the settings that I use.

Library ModuleThe Library Module

​The Library module is the organisational engine. It allows you to take control of folders, create catalogues and manage how your images are viewed.

I will show you how I import, rename, cull and manage images. I will go through the different settings that are available to you, the setting that I use and why.

Develop Module​The Develop Module

​The develop module is the workhorse. This is the place where your creative vision becomes a reality. There are many different options available here that can really make your images pop.

​I will guide you through the various panels and creative tools that are available. I will also share the basic settings that I use.


Once we’ve finished in the develop module. I will take you back to the library module and guide you through the export process and present the many features that are available including adding a watermark and share with you the image sizes that are best for social media.

If you want to really take control of Lightroom to create gorgeous portrait images join me for this 3 hour workshop. A Laptop with Lightroom installed will be required to participate in this workshop. The cost of this workshop is $130.00.