Brisbane Ultimate Portrait Photography Workshop Weekend

Brisbane- 9-10 July 2016
The portrait photography journey can be long and tough with many lessons to learn. I know because I have been there and understand challenges that you face. That is why I am about to make it a whole lot easier by teaching you everything you need to know and help you create better images. Over 2 days I will be taking you through from natural light to working in studio. I can guarantee that you will be a better, more equipped photographer at the end of the weekend.
What you will learn:
Model Portrait Photography- EleanoreDay 1 Morning- We’ll start with my “Finding the Light” workshop. During the morning you will learn about natural light and how to balance it with flash on camera and/or reflector techniques. We will discuss flash settings and help you understand TTL. You will need an TTL and High Speed Sync capable flash for this workshop. Go to
Day 1 Afternoon- After lunch our models will join us for my “Lighting and Posing” workshop. We’ll take what we learned in the morning and step it up a gear. We’re going to take the flash off camera and I am going to introduce you to my secret weapon, the

Hunter Valley Wedding Photography Sydney
In the garden with the bride after the reception.

Godox AD360 bare bulb flash. You will learn how to use flash, remote triggers (manual only,) softboxes and stands. I am also give you something that helped me through my early portrait journey, posing guides. With your equipment and posing guides in hand you will start creating smashing images with our models using filters and maintain flash sync and get great DOF. Go to… to learn more.

Day 2- We’re taking our models into the studio. Working with the same models as Day 1, we’ll bring other members of our creative team together to shoot a project. Well not quite but we will have our HMUA (hair and make up artist on hand.) The “Studio Hunter Valley Model Portrait Photography- HannaPhotography Fundamentals” workshop will bring all that you have learned and take it to the next level. Taking a client’s brief through its project phase to completion takes a team headed up by a competent photographer. During the day I will show you how to work with a HMUA to create a project mood board, explain how it will impact your creative decisions (lighting and camera) and how you will deliver the final product. You will learn about lighting patterns and ratios, the effect different modifiers have on the look and mood of project and how to light to create different looks to meet the brief. I will also show you how to shoot tethered to your computer using Adobe Lightroom and some little Lightroom tricks to save you time later. Go to… to learn more.
Don’t know some of the terminology I’ve used? You will by the end of the weekend.
There will be a maximum of 9 participants attending the workshop. This workshop series is all about you developing your skills and understanding the process. You will be doing all of the setups, you will be working out your camera settings, you will be posing the models, you will be creating great images and you will learn a lot in over the weekend. Don’t be intimidated though because I will be with you all the way to help and guide you through your journey.
The price for the 3 workshops is normally $585 per person. I will be offering the weekend package for $550 with an early bird special of $500. For more information and to register go to I look forward to meeting you soon.