Light and Posing Portrait Photography Workshop New Date Released

Saturday 18th October 2014 is set as the date for the next “Lighting and Posing” portrait photography workshop. This workshop will be the turning point for most people in terms of learning the creative side of portrait. As it suggests, it’s about off camera lighting on location using speedlights and posing a subject. All you need to know before coming to the workshop is how to set your camera and I’ll show you the rest, it’s that easy.

You will learn about different ways to trigger a flash, more about flash sync, ND lens filters and 1 & 2 light setups on location. Not only that but I’ll give you a set of posing guides that I use if I get stuck posing subjects. Lastly you will receive the workshop E-booklet with all the information that you learn during the workshop to refer back to later.

Did I mentioned the models. Hanna and Emily are both internationally published models and they’ll will be ours for the afternoon to practice our posing techniques.

The next Lighting and Posing workshop will be on Saturday 18th October from 2pm-5pm in the Parramatta area and cost $170 per person. Also the group size is limited 6 people so that you get more from the afternoon. The next Lighting and Posing workshop after this will be in 2015 so don’t miss out. You will need a DSLR camera and lens or lenses and I’ll have the rest of the equipment. Go to the link below to register for this workshop.

If you would more information about my services or to book a session please call me on 0431 280 920 or via email and I look forward to meeting you soon.