Model Marketing Guide for Success- Portfolio Tips

A little while ago I posted a blog about things to remember prior to and during a shoot, but how do you land that great job. As a model looking for the next opportunity, it’s important to keep your portfolio fresh, up to date and to keep things clean in order to attract the kind of work that you would like. When selecting the next model to represent their brand, company representatives will do research on a model to ensure that they will be able to promote their brands in the best light. Here are some things to consider that may help you land the great job.

1.      Your portfolio speaks volumes. Your portfolio is where it all starts and is the first port of call for agencies and clients to see your potential. You should only show your best work. Only 1 or 2 images from each shoot and remove any images that are more than a year old. Don’t change hair colour or length as client expect to get what they see in your portfolio. If you do then change your images.

2.      Team up with some trusted photographers to help you develop your portfolio. There is a little unwritten rule (well I have seen it written somewhere in the past) that is all about TFP (time for print) shoots, where when all things are equal (experience of model and photographer are about the equal) that they can agree to give their time free to each other for the purpose of practice and building their portfolios. Match up with photographers that are prepared to give some of their time for free to do shoots with you and embrace them for it. These people are capable of making you look fantastic or ……….. let’s leave that one there.

If you need better quality images and more experience then you are currently getting from the photographers that you are doing TFP shoots with then you may need to approach and/or pay a more experienced photographer to provide you with the quality that you need. They can also give direction and help you with ideas to help you grow as a model. I will say it again, it is in your best interest to have best quality portfolio that you can.

3.      Spread yourself around and get exposed. Now stop thinking that way, I am talking about taking your portfolio and posting it anywhere that prospective clients might look. Where is that you may ask? Everywhere. Facebook, Google+, Agents, Model Mayhem, photographer’s websites and pages (more on this later,) the list goes on. Anywhere where you can create a profile and place your images for the world to see is a good place to start.

4.      I mentioned photographer’s websites and pages previously. Photographers need exposure as much as models do. Have an agreement with the photographers that you work with to tag or mention you on any images from a shoot that they do with you and you do the same for them anytime you post or see an image that you worked on with them. While you are at it don’t forget the HMUA (hair and makeup artist) and make it a three way agreement. If the three of you tag and mention each other on any image you have worked on together, that’s three times the exposure.

5.      The last thing to mention and something that is pretty important is the negative side of your portfolio. That is those BAD images. The girl’s night out, the fish face pose, trashed and staggering images that are thrown up on the social media pages…. All the time. Also that profile pic that you thought was funny at the time, change it right now. These images are what people find when they do a profile search of your name and you will be critiqued on them. I know from experience. Now I am not talking about the family picks at Christmas or the nice images of you with your other half, just those images that make you look really bad. Clear the bad images from your pages and leave those amazing thought provoking images of you looking a million dollars.

You may not be planning on being the next face of Chanel or L’oreal, but if you want to pick up some well paying jobs, it’s worth doing a little work to promote your brand in the best possible light…..Your brand, You!

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