Private Photography Workshops and Tuition

Last weekend I ventured to the home based photography studio of a local Sydney portrait photographer who was coming to terms with there new studio lighting equipment, studio camera settings and generally operating in a studio photography environment. And let’s face it, working in studio can be very technical when you consider you need to bring together camera and lighting settings for multiples lights as well as positioning and posing the subject.  We covered the following topics during the private tuition.

  1. Lights, modifiers and their application.
  2. Setting the main light’s (key light) and the fill light’s power using a light meter.
  3. Using the light meter and the camera’s settings in conjunction with lighting to achieve correct exposure.
  4. Capturing an image with the camera tethered to the computer using Adobe Lightroom.
  5. 1, 2 and 3 light setups, highlighting hair and backgrounds.
  6. Changing, moulding and modifying light.
  7. Working with grids and gels.
  8. Posing tips and techniques.
  9. Intermediate discussion on working with Adobe Lightroom to process images.

Hunter Valley Model Portrait Photography- Alicia

The session went for 3 hours in total. It was a great session with plenty of great learning outcomes. While this may seem like a fairly advanced level for some, the same approach can be taken to private workshops at any experience level. I suggest doing the “Getting Off Auto” beginners workshop as a group session and then after learning the basic fundamentals, choose to continue with either further group workshops or the option of a private workshop.

The series of workshops available include “Getting off Auto”, “Finding The Light”, “Lighting and posing” and “Lightroom Basics.” I am also looking at more creative workshop like “introduction to Lightpainting (Collaborative host.) I will add the information to this website, to the Three Ps Photography Facebook page and the Three Ps Photography Google+ Page in the next month.

If you would like further information, please feel free to drop me a line at or call me 0431 280 920.