Portrait and Model Photography Session Preparation Tips

You’ve booked a professional portrait photography session but how can you get the best results from the experience. Everybody plays a role in the shoot from the photographer, hair and makeup artist and subject or model to ensure that the best photos possible are achieve from the session. So what can you do as the subject? I have compiled a list of things to consideration when preparing for your next portrait session.

Personal Grooming

Hunter Valley Model Portrait Photography- HannaIf you wax or pluck, this should be done 2 days before the shoot to allow any red areas to settle down prior to the day. Have hair cuts 2 weeks before your shoot. This will prevent your hair from having that chopped look. Gently exfoliate and moisturize 2 days before the shoot.

Males also remember to shave on the morning of the shoot unless told otherwise. Also check for nasal and ear hair and eye brows. Ensure that the back of your neck is clean of hair and sideburns are equal length.

Sun Tan

We all love to have that tanned look however when your photos come back you don’t want to run the risk of blotchy skin tones. Try to stay out of the sun for several days before a shoot to reduce the chance to any redness from accidental sun burns.

Hair and Make up

Hunter Valley Model Portrait Photography- AliciaIf your hair and makeup is being provided by us, please ensure that your hair is clean and dry with no styling product in. Also make sure that your face is clean and moisturized and that the preparation above has been conducted.

If you are doing your own makeup please ensure that you use matte powder products as liquid based makeup, moisturizers and creams can leave a shine on the face under lights and leave hotspots in your images.

Feeling Your Best is Looking your Best 

We can make your hair and makeup look absolutely stunning however if you don’t feel right it will show in your images. To get the best from your shoot be kind on yourself. Have plenty of rest, get a good night sleep. On the morning of the shoot have a nice fresh light breakfast, dress in comfortable clothes. Don’t pack all your items for the shoot in the morning, do it the night before so that you can try to relax in the morning. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the location.

The most important thing to remember is to relax, try to feel really good about yourself and the day ahead. Remember, your images will look the way that you are feeling.

Have Fun

The shoot is to be enjoyed so relax, have fun, be a little crazy if you want but most importantly enjoy the experience.

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